Awaken Psychology

Dr. Brynne Mulloy, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Mulloy, founder of Awaken Psychology, takes an empathic and insight-oriented approach to wellness that empowers and motivates the patient in the therapeutic process. In her clinical work, she infuses evidence-based, cognitive behavioral therapy interventions with psychodynamic principals in order to both teach her patients skills for overcoming obstacles, while offering insight into the very roots of their problems. Dr. Mulloy believes that each person is unique and tailors each session to fit individual needs. She works closely with patients and families to identify challenges, as well as the strengths that can be used to overcome them. It is her passion to be of significant value to the people of Wichita and surrounding areas by providing services that are both ethically sound and useful.

Dr. Mulloy received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. She was accepted at Northwestern University Counseling and Psychological Services for advanced clinical training. Dr. Mulloy completed her clinical internship at the Wichita Collaborative Psychology Internship Program and her post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences where she enjoyed being part of the Child Mental Health Team.

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The logo for Awaken Psychology is the birch tree. The birch represents new beginnings, hope, and regeneration. It denotes the idea that one can grow from the past and have hope for the future. Even after devastating forest fires, the birch is one of the very first forms of life to regenerate. Therefore, the symbolism of the birch is consistent with the philosophy of Awaken Psychology: that we as people are resilient and adaptable. We have the potential for growth and change. We are able to overcome insurmountable odds and blossom despite both past and current struggles. All we have to do is awaken to the possibilities.


When you call Awaken Psychology, our clinical psychologist will spend approximately 5-10 minutes asking you some questions about the services you are seeking (type of therapy and/or assessment), your current concerns, and will provide you with additional information about Awaken Psychology policy. If it seems likely that Dr. Mulloy can provide you with appropriate services, then you will be scheduled for an initial appointment. If your needs would be better met by a different type of service, or if you would like to pursue treatment outside of Awaken Psychology, Dr. Mulloy will be happy to give you appropriate referrals.